Releases his second solo album


On 28 August, 2009

BellX1’s David Geraghty released his debut solo album Kill Your Darlings in 2007, to huge critical and fan acclaim. The album was nominated for a Choice Music Prize for Irish Album of the Year and in both Best Irish Album and Best Irish Male in the Meteor Ireland Music Awards. September 2009 sees Geraghty return with his second solo offering The Victory Dance, set for release on his own imprint Decal Records. The ten track collection was recorded in West Cork, mixed by Tim Martin (The Waterboys and Kirsty MacColl) and engineered by Greg French (U2, Van Morrison, Brian Eno and Placebo).

The Victory Dance was a labour of love for Geraghty, recorded in between stints in a hectic BellX1 European and US touring schedule “I spotted a clearing in the dense forest that is the Bell X1 tour machine”, says Geraghty, ‘so in June 2008, we retreated to a friends’ house in West Cork to begin recording. We ended up using the old barn beside the house, which had a great vibe and the added bonus of a colony of bats, who lent us their vocals on a number of tracks. I subsequently forgot to include the addendum that no bats were harmed in the making of the album. I’m sure it wasn’t an ‘FX first’! I can’t imagine that Meat Loaf hasn’t used bat noises on a number of his recordings!’

Geraghty was eager to ensure that the new recordings were fully focused on capturing the intensity of the live full band performance and in a departure from the somewhat isolated creation process of the debut, The Victory Dance is very much a collaborative effort, with band members Marc Aubele, Kevin Brady, Clare Finglass, Tiger Cooke and Dave Redmond involved from the very outset. “For me, working with different people helps me avoid getting stuck in a rut when making an album”, says Geraghty, “If you reach for the trusty old mould every time you approach something, that’s the curtain call! All it takes is one person in the room to say, ‘what about trying this’….and suddenly you’re off down a completely different avenue that you may never have thought of sitting alone in a studio”. Geraghty continues, “I sometimes find song writing the most lonesome and torturous process, but I look forward to introducing the new songs to the band to flesh out and have fun with. It’s the joy and mystery at this stage that makes it all worthwhile. It’s always fun to work with different people. I feel too that I return to the Bell X1 table with fresh ways of approaching things. Whoever said being in a band should be monogamous?”

The Victory Dance was lovingly nurtured and brought to life while Geraghty was on downtime from his BellX1 duties. The band made five US trips in the space of twelve months to promote their fourth studio album Blue Lights on the Runway. The Stateside hikes included many personal highlights for Geraghty, in particular performing at the Lilywhite Sessions in the Avatar Studios (The Power Station), a studio seeped in musical lore having hosted Lennon, Bowie and Springsteen over the years. Geraghty also got the chance to appear on some of the biggest TV shows in the US, including The Craig Ferguson Show, The Conan O’Brien Show and the Late Show with David Letterman: “It was amazing but pretty daunting, especially the first time around. Here I was, performing live on the legendary show that I’d grown up watching. It’s a tight ship that they run in the Ed Sullivan theatre!” At the end of July this year, BellX1 will support U2 on one of their hometown shows in Croke Park in Dublin. “This is it, the moment that the geography teacher was on about all those years ago.…’oh now don’t forget us when your up there with U2 playing Croke Park’. I can’t quite remember her name….what was it now?”

The Victory Dance releases in Ireland and on-line on Friday August 28th, 2009 on Decal Records through ESD. The lead single Tuesday’s Feet will be released online on Friday August 14th.

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